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About Scott Milburn

Made in London and born in Hong Kong, Scott embodies the East-meets-West dynamic – a diligent work ethic combined with critical thinking.

In addition to his day job, he enjoys playing tennis, football, basketball and other outdoor sports. He loves arts and experiments in the form of drawing, acting and playing the piano.

Service Design Jam
Cooking Class

Football Tournament in Thailand
Halloween in Hong Kong

Working with Scott

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In This Video

How I discovered UX

Imagine me on your team

Why every great leader (like YOU) needs a pair of noise-cancelling headphones

Enough Fancy Tools

You know what I mean – personas, journey maps, user interviews...

Pick the right tool for the job.

Try reading 2 hours of product reviews instead.

9-to-5 AM

The word "job" is not in my dictionary.

I dream about my work day and night.

That's how the best ideas are born🔥🔥

Not a Cat

Who wants cats? They can't stop nagging.

Not me. I'm no pet.

Throw out a problem and expect solutions flying🌪

Conquer China

Trump wants to do it. How about you?

I've got you covered ☕️

In Mandarin and Cantonese.

Feel Heard

Too much talking and little getting done?

Even worse. Focusing on the wrong things.

You need a good listener.

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